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Portable Wall Partitions For Offices

Maryland | Virginia | DC

Do you need to quickly set up new offices, temporary conference rooms, or training areas?

Whether you’re just beginning to plan the layout of your new office, are expanding, or are just looking to redecorate your office space, portable wall partitions are a great way to quickly and easily redefine the layout of your office. If your business is located in Maryland, Virginia, or DC, keep reading to learn how portable wall partitions can help your office prepare for events or reorganize…fast.

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Types of Portable Wall Partitions

There are several types of mobile office partitions.  Each partition type offers unique features that make them best suited for certain office applications. If you’re unsure of what type of partition you are looking for, first determine exactly how it will be used and for how long. Ask yourself:

  • Will the partition be moved regularly or will it typically stay in one place?
  • What type of material is best? Do you want a surface that is tackable, easy to clean, or a marker board?
  • Do you need a full wall, or are you looking for a quick way to separate employee workspaces to ensure privacy?
  • Are you looking for a partition that is capable of absorbing sound?

Once you have a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish, read about the different types of partitions below to learn what is best for your intended use.

Portable Room Dividers

Portable room dividers have a variety of uses and are perfect for creating temporary classrooms, conference areas, daycare centers, or speaker backdrops. These tall portable wall partitions come in multiple heights and widths and can be used to maintain privacy and control crowds during large events. Made with a lightweight, sound absorbing material, these partitions are a great way to host an event or training without disturbing other workers.

Some portable room dividers, like the Mobile Screenflex Room Divider can be hinged together to form multiple configurations. They also come in multiple colors and stain resistant fabric options. With this type of divider, you can create a room that is the perfect size, shape, and aesthetic for your event.

Desk Screens

Even If you have a modern, open workspace, employees still need an element of privacy. Desk screens are a simple way to separate workstations while still maintaining an open, cooperative environment. Desk screens come in a variety of different materials including fabric and plexiglass.

Freestanding Office Partition Panels

Mobile office partitions are not only a great way to reduce noise and create privacy, they can also help you use space effectively. Hanging shelves, overhead cabinets, and file pedestals can be installed for maximum storage space. Mobile office partitions can come preconfigured, or you can use panels to make offices in custom sizes. They even have adjustable levelers that keep panels straight on uneven surfaces.

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