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Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Waiting Room Furniture?
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Is your waiting room furniture serving its true purpose?

Are you setting a professional tone for your Virginia, Maryland or DC business with a reception room that welcomes and comforts?

If you had to think about either of these questions, then it’s time to take a closer look at your reception area. Don’t overlook the opportunity set the right first impression for your business.

Capitalize on this essential space in your office. Keep reading to learn how you can give your visitors the best waiting experience and improve your company’s image.

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The Essential Role of Waiting Room Chairs & Tables

Delivering top-notch customer service is a priority for your business. Your reception team and office administrators work hard with a smile to greet your visitors and clients, handling everything from appointments to paperwork. Without a doubt, their day is busy from start to end.

But your reception area team doesn’t always have the capacity to entertain your visitors while they wait. And let’s be honest, there have been times your guests have had to wait much longer than expected when your meetings, appointments or phone calls last longer than what you scheduled.

How do you keep your guests and clients content during the wait? A fully equipped waiting room not only provides access to comfortable and supportive seating, but also access to materials and surfaces to keep wait times entertaining.

Custom Reception Area Furniture for Your Business

The specific needs of waiting room furniture will vary from business to business, but your selection should always be clean, comfortable and professional.

What client needs should your reception room meet? Do you need to accommodate children, allow guests to fill out paperwork, or be proactive about cleanliness?

All-Business Systems offers a comprehensive collection to serve a full range of organizations, from medical offices to schools to salons to small businesses. Our repertoire of waiting room furniture allows you to customize the exact appearance and functionality your organization craves.

Ready to pick and choose your custom reception furniture? Tailor your choices with these options:

  • Adult, Child and Bariatric Seating
  • Leather, Fabric or Vinyl Seat Materials
  • Any Color or Pattern of Seating
  • Individual, Conjoined, or Fixed Chairs
  • Antimicrobial Furniture Coatings
  • Reception Seating & Table Sets

Ensure to complement any seating with adequate tables for guests to place purses, briefcases, drinks, and any other items that should be kept at an arm’s length.

Don’t Stop at Table and Chairs

Remember how we discussed those prolonged meetings that leave your guests in the waiting room longer than expected? There is a remedy to this situation.

Make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed with more than just a cushioned seat. Accompany your waiting room office furniture with these additions to set a professional and engaging environment:

  • Reception Media Furniture: Placing TVs in waiting rooms has become a popular method to post announcements, advertise, and also entertain guests with movies or television shows.
  • Coat Racks: Your guests don’t want to carry around their jacket for the entire meeting, especially during the colder months when heavy winter jackets are essential. Hang those coats up and let your guests warm up to your business.
  • Announcement Boards: Give visitors a real connection to your business with easy access to news, industry updates and even fun office notes. New insurance policies? Office birthdays? Post them up!
  • Magazine Racks: A wide range of magazines in the waiting room is a sure way to keep guests entertained. While diving into a new article, their wait time will be over before they know it.
  • Display Cases: Has your business won any awards over the years? Show those gems off with a dedicated display case! This is also the perfect opportunity to display your community involvement with photos of local charities, organizations, and sports teams your company sponsors.

The waiting room is where you make your first impression for any new visitor or client. Let them know exactly how much you value their business by making them the highlight of the reception area.

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