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Standing Desks & Electric Height Adjustable Desks
Virginia | Maryland | Washington, DC

Are you looking for a standing desk or an electric height adjustable desk in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC or the surrounding areas?

Sit to stand furniture is a growing trend in the business world, and for a great reason too. With office furniture that allows you to comfortably stand throughout the workday, the body experiences less strain and tension.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of an adjustable stand up desk and how to get ergonomic furniture for your office today!

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Why Standing Desks Improve Employee Health

In recent years, a significant amount of attention has been focused on how sitting through the workday can negatively impact the body. It is clearly an important factor in the workplace where most employees remain seated for the duration of their day.

Ergonomic furniture promotes physical health in the workplace. Many offices have made the switch to ergonomic seating already, providing employees with chairs that promote good posture and eliminate strain.

With a standing desk or an electric height adjustable desk, you have the ability to complete all of your work at a desk properly adjusted to your standing height. Relieving tension from the body and promoting good health, employees can now comfortably work through the day.

Choosing to outfit your office with adjustable stand up desks is a real investment in the health and productivity of your team. With an easy switch from sitting to standing, each individual has the freedom to take control of his or her comfort level.

Selecting the Best Standing Desk

Every business has varying needs and demands, and we aim to accommodate the requirements of each company. Ergonomic standing desks come in a variety of styles, each offering different features. We can help you decide which of these options are best for your business:

  • Adjustable Height: Choose an adjustable desk if employees would like to switch between sitting and standing. Electric height adjustable desks, also known as motorized desks, allow for workers to easily change their workstation with a flip of a switch.
  • Standing Desks: Standing desks are a great option if you would like to give employees the opportunity to stretch their legs and move about the office. Adding standing desks to your office space allows employees to get up and use a standing desk whenever they are feeling restless.
  • Technology Plug-Ins: Almost all standing desks will be used with a computer, and we have desks that incorporate that need. With easily accessible power cords and stands, you can place technology right where you need it.
  • Overall Function & Style: Choose sit to stand desks that reflect the theme of your office, whether modern or traditional. You can also incorporate drawers, shelves and cabinets to accommodate all employee needs in one desk.

At All-Business Systems & Design, we hand pick all manufacturers to ensure you receive the highest quality products. With standing desks as a growing trend, our suppliers are offering new styles frequently. Check out the ergonomic desks from Mayline, Global, and more. Also, give us a call to learn about our newest models!

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