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Are Your Office Storage Units Efficient?
Virginia | Maryland | Washington, DC

What if your office could become more organized and efficient with the right filing and office storage units? If you work in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC or the surrounding areas, we can make that goal a reality!

Modern office storage is an easy and economic way to keep your office organized with a sense of style. Outdated and bulky metal storage cabinets and shelves diminish the image of your business. Maintain your professional and clean-cut image with efficient filing and office storage units from All-Business Systems & Designs.

Keep reading to learn more about your options for keeping your space tidy, efficient and organized.

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Filing & Office Storage Product Variety

Staying organized is the key to efficient business operations. With premium office storage containers and shelves, your office will increase productivity through. And we can easily align new office storage furniture with your existing style of wooden desks and tables.

Consider how to improve your storage system, and explore the styles below that allow you to optimize the organizational methodology:


Shelving offers a means to economically retain and protect your vital records, both active and archival. Open office shelving is the most flexible and cost-effective storage option for businesses requiring frequent access to records.

In addition to its value as an effective office filing system, shelving is also an affordable method of storing and organizing everything from office supplies to technical equipment to retail inventory.

While traditional cabinets with doors help maintain a clean, professional image, you can still achieve that image with more dynamic options. Our wide array of shelving types includes: Open File, Stacks, Library, Industrial and many more.


Office filing cabinets are a business staple for a reason, providing a quick, secure and effective way to store and retrieve your company’s files, in either letter or legal size. Stylishly designed with many custom finishes available today, file cabinets can blend beautifully with virtually any décor.

From doctors’ offices to consulting firms, your filing cabinets should make it easy to access information with little effort. Whether that means open shelving with color coded files or hanging files in cabinets with drawers, let us know what would make your job more organized. We have a solution, that’s our job!

High Density Storage

In today’s offices and facilities floor space is becoming more and more expensive. That is why thousands of businesses are making the move to high-density storage systems, which can double the capacity of your present filing and storage space.

Modern Office Storage Designs

With our office storage units, your business is gaining much more than a file cabinet. Security and protection for private information becomes more important every year. Keep your files and office storage furniture visually appealing while efficiently systematized and secured with the following benefits:

  • Space Saving Ideas
  • Stylish Designs
  • Security Options
  • Color Coded Systems
  • Fire Protection Cabinets
  • Bar Code Tracking Systems

Fire Protection of your vital records is a very important safety precaution that every business or organization should consider, especially if you don’t have digital back up copies of your physical files.

Filing and Storage Product Manufacturers

All-Business Systems & Design selects premium manufacturers that deliver high-quality furnishing products. We offer filing & storage products from these manufacturers:

  • Aurora Storage
  • Datum Filing Systems
  • Global
  • Jeter
  • Phoenix Fire Files
  • and others…

Our quality vendors allow your business to select the file, storage and shelving solutions that best fit your needs. With our custom selection of style, size, and overall image, your office and business will look flawless and restore order.

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All-Business Systems and Design is experienced in delivering office furnishings and office storage units in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. We offer space planning and design services to optimize the efficiency of transitioning your office furniture. Give us a call today to learn more about installing and reconfiguring your office with All-Business Systems and Design today!


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