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Open Plan Systems® Office Furniture

Virginia | Maryland | Washington, DC

Are you moving into a new office location or renovating your current space? Need office cubicle and workstation furniture? All-Business Systems & Design is proud to partner with Open Plan Systems® to offer office cubicle and workstation panel systems.

Keep reading to learn about the different kinds of Open Plan Systems® Office furniture that we have available.

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Open Plan Systems® OPS2 Signature Series

The OPS2 Signature Series features top of the line office panels, tile systems, office desking systems and modular office partitions. You have the benefit of choosing from a large selection of colors and sizes. In fact, the OPS2 Signature Series features the largest selection of fabrics and finishes offered by Open Plan Systems®. Whether you’re looking for low panels, open or freestanding layouts, desking, tile or modular walls, you can be sure to find that modern, custom look to fit your office environment. GSA approved furniture options are also available.

OPS2 Panel Systems

Does your office look outdated? Give your office new life with the OPS2 Panel Systems. With a large selection of fabrics and finishes to choose from, you can really get creative and give your space a new, fresh look and feel that no other office has. These office panels provide excellent privacy for cubicles and workstations without sacrificing style.

OPS2 Tile Systems

Experience ultimate flexibility and adaptability with the OPS2 Tile System. This unique design has been engineered to save precious office space by using a series of interchangeable components. This modular office furniture system can stack along with glass, open frame tiles, fabric tackable acoustic, laminate and perforated tiles. The OPS2 Tile System will give you a designer, open-concept look at a budget price.

OPS2 Desking Systems

The OPS2 Office Desking Systems are all about flexibility and functionality. With the seemingly endless configuration possibilities, you can personalize any workstation to suit the desired application including private, semi-private, open plan, benching and much more. Low storage comes standard with the metal office desking systems providing a functional and efficient workstation. Select from a variety of finishes to give a clean design and layout for any office environment.

OPS2 Modular Office Partitions

Pair the open-concept design with modular office partitions to manage noise and distractions. Modular office walls allow you to create conference rooms or private offices at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Floor to ceiling modular walls by Open Plan Systems® can accommodate ceilings up to 9 feet high. For an added touch, you can get the optional ceiling trim to complete the sleek look and design.

Razor System by Open Plan Systems®

Create a luxurious, modern office design with the Razor System furniture by Open Plan Systems®. This line of office systems furniture gets its name from the sleek, sharp edges along with its square connections and flush base, creating a razor-sharp design. Combine the Razor Panel and Razor Tile options with accessories, office desking systems, storage and seating to complete your upscale office design at value pricing.

Razor Panels

Create sleek, modern and private workstations with Razor Panels. With the number of options available, you can find just what you need for your office project. Panels range from 32”H to 107”H. Choose either monolithic or segmented panels with glass, fabric or marker board stock options. Add the glass or fabric mullion panel options for added aesthetics or privacy.

Razor Tiles

Change and adapt your workstations with the stylish Razor Tile systems. Adapt to modern office furniture trends with the interchangeable tile systems. The Razor Tile system gives you superior flexibility to create your desired business setting. Mid power tile panels are also available with four power outlets and one USB port for easy power access to plug in computers and other electronic devices.

Razor Panels With Desking

Give your desk and workstation an elegant, modern look. Combine the Open Plan Systems® Razor Panels with low storage paired with overhead choices for style and functionality. These panel systems for your desk provide great workspace privacy while maintaining a professional, sleek design.

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All-Business Systems & Design has 25 years of experience providing businesses in Virginia, Maryland and DC with optimal, affordable and stylish office furniture. Our expert team of consultants is trained to assess the needs of our customers and provide the finest office furniture solutions. We offer space planning, office design and installation services to make the transition smooth and effortless. Give us a call to get started today!


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