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The Right Medical Waiting Room Furniture Can Make or Break Your Office
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97%. That’s the percentage of medical patients who get frustrated by long wait times at their doctor’s office, according to a 2013 survey by Software Advice. But even if you can’t reduce the delays patients face, you can improve their experience in the waiting room. Providing high quality, comfortable medical waiting room furniture can help individuals feel more relaxed and shift their focus away from the wait.

All Business Systems and Design offers custom medical office furniture to practices in the Alexandria, McLean, District Heights, Rockville, and surrounding areas, to help you transform your waiting room into a calming and enjoyable space for patients.

Keep reading to learn about the impact of waiting area furniture on patient satisfaction as well as options available for your office.

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The Benefits of Quality Medical Office Reception Furniture

Patients often use the style of the waiting room to help form their first impressions of a medical practice. A comfortable, warm, and inviting reception area is more likely to encourage positive feelings, while a bare or uncomfortable waiting room could hurt their perception of the office.

In addition, many patients feel nervous or stressed before their appointments, so it is beneficial to give them an opportunity to decompress and relax. This can be done in a well-designed, peaceful space. Patients are also more likely to believe that their appointments went well if they felt calm just before they began.

With the rising popularity of rating doctors online, patients’ opinions can truly influence others’ choices when selecting a physician. People are more apt to rate a doctor’s office positively if they enjoyed their overall experience, and felt that the environment was appropriately comfortable.

Choosing the Right Waiting Room Products

All Business Systems and Design offers custom furniture, so you can select the decor that is right for your office, whether it’s within a hospital setting or a private practice. We offer everything from magazine racks to tables and medical office chairs, as well as furniture for children and bariatric patients. This means you will have a well-coordinated space that reflects the image you’d like to present.

Consider how the following touches could improve your office space:

Magazine Racks: Giving your patients a range of magazines to choose from helps their wait time feel shorter. Make sure to keep them organized with a magazine rack so individuals can see their options, while keeping the space tidy.

TVs and Display Monitors: Let your visitors keep up with the news or popular talk shows while they wait for their appointment time. Or, take the opportunity to run a short program discussing your practice and specialty, so patients are informed about new treatment options, procedures, etc.

Display Cases: If your practice has received any awards or rave reviews, they should be displayed prominently! It’s important for patients to see that they are getting the best possible care from providers who have been recognized for their excellence. A display case featuring these awards or reviews will attract their attention and admiration.

Make Your Reception Furniture Your Own

At All Business Systems and Design, we want you to have the products that meet your needs. You have the opportunity to customize your products by choosing:

  • Colors and Patterns
  • Material, including vinyl, leather, or fabric
  • Chair style, such as individual, conjoined, or fixed
  • Antimicrobial coatings

We partner with trusted medical furniture manufacturers to build high quality pieces in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. Some of our partners include:

  • Global Care
  • Legacy Furniture
  • KI Healthcare
  • Nemschoff
  • Intensa
  • and more!

Our design specialists will help you select the right furnishings, and we can even install them for you!

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We will help you throughout the process-from space planning and design, to product selection and installation, we’re here for you!

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