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Organize Your Office with Medical Filing Cabinets
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Keeping a bustling medical practice organized is challenging, particularly when space is limited. Information must be easily accessible and patient records must be secure.

Having the right organization saves time and allows staff members to focus on providing patients with the best possible care. Using medical filing cabinets can help offices do just that.

At All Business Systems and Design, we have an impressive selection of medical office filing cabinets for offices in Virginia, Maryland or DC. Continue reading to learn more about how our products can meet your needs.

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Types of Filing Systems for Medical Offices

Methods of organizing medical records, insurance information, and general documents vary from office to office, and are often related to the size of the practice and the number of patients served. However, there are several common ways this information is organized.

Alphabetical filing by patient name involves keeping all information related to a single patient in one location that is identified by the patient’s first and last names. While this is a quick way to access information, it threatens the safety of patient information, as names are clearly visible on the file. It can also be challenging to find information when a patient has a common last name.

Numerical filing is much more common. There are several subtypes of this method that allow practices to tailor their filing process to their specific needs. In general, numerical filing preserves patient confidentiality more successfully and organization is easier to maintain as there are no duplicated numbers.

Regardless of your filing system, we can help you find the perfect filing cabinets to keep your medical office operating efficiently.

Options to Consider When Selecting Medical Office Filing Cabinets

When choosing medical filing cabinets, it’s important to evaluate your storage needs and think about additional features that will provide value.

Answering the following questions can help you find the right product.

  • Do you have hundreds of files that you need to be able to access at a moment’s notice? If not, it could be beneficial to maintain an archival filing cabinet for patients that have left the practice, or information that is not reviewed often. This will keep them out of the way but still nearby if they need to be reviewed.
  • Is your floor space cluttered? If you have limited floor space, a vertical filing cabinet would likely be best for you. These cabinets depend on using wall space for storage maximization. Their dimensions tend to emphasize depth and height.

If not, using horizontal filing cabinets are an excellent option for viewing many files at one time. This style emphasizes using the cabinets’ width for file storage.

  • What is your budget? Proper storage and organization of valuable files is a worthwhile investment, but that doesn’t mean you want to overspend. We offer a range of options, including used medical filing cabinets, to ensure that you find a product that will meet your needs without jeopardizing your budget.
  • What other features would be useful? Considering the need for security and confidentiality of patient information, locking file cabinets are a popular choice for medical offices. These cabinets ensure that only those who are authorized to access files are able to do so and help to ensure HIPAA compliance, while also offering peace of mind for patients as well.

Files can also be at risk in disasters such as floods or fires. Selecting a fire safe cabinet can protect files not only in a fire, but also from any water damage that might occur in the process of putting it out. We offer excellent brands of fireproof filing cabinets, including Phoenix and Fireking.

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Taking measures to select the products that will keep your patient information safe and secure ensures that your patients can rest easy, and you can too.

If you’d like assistance in choosing the right medical filing cabinets for your medical office in District Heights, McLean, Alexandria, Rockville, or surrounding areas, our design team can help! We can also install your new pieces, so your tasks won’t be disrupted.

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