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Make Working from Home a Luxury with Executive Home Office Furniture

Virginia | Maryland | Washington, DC

Are you setting yourself up for failure by working from home? Without efficient executive home office furniture in place, you might be.

Virginia, Maryland, and DC are prime hotspots for working from home, avoiding the treacherous commutes and capitalizing on that time to finalize projects distraction free.

From keeping your attention on work to setting a professional tone for in-person and videoconference meetings, you really need your home office to reflect the same professionalism as a corporate office would.

You want to be successful, right? Let’s make sure you know the ins and outs of configuring your home office to prepare yourself for success!

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You Need to Outfit Your Home Office

In the era of technology, employees and executives can work with ease from the comfort of their home. If you’re setting up a home office for more than a temporary period of time, it really is essential to establish a professional environment.

First and foremost, you need to dedicate an area of your home to solely serve as your workspace. Perhaps this is a spare bedroom or basement, but the most important quality of this space is being free of outside distractions.

If you’re planning an executive home office, you likely know well that incomplete tasks around the house become overwhelming distractions. Working from the kitchen table next to a sink of dirty dishes continuously attempts to break your focus.

Working from home ends up becoming the unexpected motivation to clean your home that you’ve always wanted. But there’s work to be done, so the housekeeping will have to wait.

Anatomy of the Perfect Home Office

While working from home is very convenient, you can find a way to eliminate distractions from your work environment. With the right executive home office furniture, you can crush projects in record time and stay focused on success.

There are three main components of the perfect home office:

  • Executive Task Chair: A home office is your personal space to feel like the boss. Treat yourself to the luxury leather chair you’ve always dreamt of, or finally buy the ergonomic office chair to support your neck and back. Adequate seating is essential to keep your body supported and comfortable. Be sure to add an extra seat or two for clients and visitors.
  • Office Desk: Embrace the freedom to choose the work surface of your choice. Executives are embracing the opportunity to add ergonomic sit-stand desks to keep themselves actively engaged with work. Need a more professional ambiance? Opt for a stunning solid wood credenza set that will impress any guests or clients that visit your home office.
  • Storage: Whether you opt for an office set complete with storage or purchase individual filing cabinets and shelves, you really do need office storage. Keeping your work resources separate from the rest of your home prevents you from becoming distracted, keeps your home office organized, and once again reinforces that professional ambiance.

Don’t feel shy shopping with any office furniture company for the items on your home office list. Everything from luxury to designer office furniture is just a phone call away. And the experts know exactly how to find the perfect items for you.

Take some time to really narrow down exactly which style of chair, desk and storage will create the best home office environment for you. It’s your personal workspace, so your opinion and productivity is what matters most.

Don’t Forget the Little Details

You’re probably thinking to yourself “what else do I need to craft my executive home office?

There are two categories that will help build out your office: technology and comfort.

Fulfilling Your Technological Gaps

If you won’t be using a laptop as your main home office computer, invest in a full setup complete with desktop computer, additional monitors to aid productivity, a printer and scanner, and especially a router and modem with a secure Wi-Fi configuration.

To make sure your setup is running at optimal performance, have a power strip for each of your wall outlets. Many are now complete with USB ports for charging all of your devices. If you work with confidential files, don’t forget a shredder!

Add to your collection a desktop phone or headset to link to your cell phone. If your computer doesn’t have an adequate webcam built in, be sure to purchase a quality camera for hosting videoconferences.

Set the Right Ambiance

One of the most overlooked aspects of a home office is adequate lighting. Since you have control over what time your workday begins, ensure that you have access to adequate lighting at any hour. Windows should be outfitted with blinds, and you should purchase multiple lighting sources with adjustable settings.

Eliminate the need to venture around the house (distraction zone) by providing access to any of your necessities. A mini fridge and water cooler are the best way to stay hydrated with access to hunger-curbing snacks. Perhaps a Keurig is the secret to keeping you in the office instead of wandering.

Now you know what executive home office furniture you need and how to create a fully functional workspace at home. Need help selecting the right furniture? Give us a call!

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