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Get Healthy, Hardworking Teams with Adjustable Ergonomic Office Desks
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Whether you realize it or not, your current office desks are doing one of two things: supporting employee health or diminishing it.

The best way to support your team? Ergonomic office desks!

Companies in Virginia, Maryland and DC, Baltimore, Chantilly and the surrounding areas are embracing the benefits of ergonomic office furniture, realizing that employee health has a direct impact on the productivity of their business.

It’s not too late to reverse the habits in your office environment. Keep reading to discover the benefits of ergonomic desks and which style is most suitable for your team.

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Employee Health Matters

In the professional world, employee wellness has become a growing priority. Companies realize that the health of their team has a direct impact on the business. Reimbursing gym memberships and providing smoking cessation programs are just a few of the ways businesses promote healthy lifestyles.

Healthy employees don’t just save you money on sick days and time off, but they are also more productive with supportive office furniture in place. You will likely find this productivity reflected in your bottom line.

Altering lifestyle habits relies on the willingness of your team, but you can support the health of your team members by providing the right office furniture.

Spending multiple hours in the same position can put significant strain on the body, potentially leading to injury and requiring employees to take time off. Ergonomic office furniture helps circumvent many posture-related health problems.

Finding the Right Ergonomic Office Desks

Ergonomic desks embrace the concept of adjustable and custom settings. Every employee is built differently, from height to arm length. Your team should have the ability to fine-tune their workstation for comfort, translating into increased productivity.

The most notable feature of ergonomic desks is the optional ability to incorporate standing level surfaces. Working while standing eliminates strain from the body and encourages more physical activity.

Consider these ergonomic desk styles and choose the right combination for your business:

Adjustable Office Desks:

The most highly adopted form of ergonomic workstations are adjustable height desks, which allow employees to shift the height of their desk to align with their individual height and leg length.

Adjustable height desks are easy to use, quick to set-up and quiet to operate. These desks have been engineered and designed to accommodate people of all sizes, including those in wheelchairs. Even when seating arrangements change, electric adjustable or pneumatic gas lift bases make it simple to readjust height in just a few seconds.

Electric Adjustable Bases

Adjusting your electric base desk is as simple as holding down a button and watching your desk rise or drop. These desks are easy to use and quiet to operate, so coworkers won’t be distracted by any noise. Many electric adjustable base desks also come with a programmable remote, so you can save your ideal desk height and make adjusting your desk even more of a breeze.

Pneumatic Gas Lift Bases

These desks allow you to quickly and quietly adjust the desk to meet your desired height with just the pull of a lever. These adjustable height desks fit a wide range of table top sizes to give you a high-performing desk that can accommodate your computer devices and important work supplies.

Sit to Stand Desks and Standing Desks:

Without committing to a full standing work day, sit to stand desks allow your employees to move from a seated position to standing very quickly. The optimal workstation allows you to alternate between the two positions throughout the day, keeping you moving!

Standing desks offer an alternative to a strenuous day of sitting. In fact, an ergonomic standing desk can keep your employees energized and productive. With height adjustable standing desks, your employees can move from station to station, easily adjusting the height of their desks to fit their needs.

Not only do these adjustable standing desks keep employees active and productive, they are also great for employees who may not be able to sit for long period of time due to back pain, restless leg syndrome, and other medical conditions.

Don’t forget to pair your desks with ergonomic office seating, which support multiple points of the body. Ask us about office chairs complete with headrests, knee rests, foot stands and breathable materials.

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