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How to Boost Teamwork with
Collaborative Workstations
Virginia | Maryland | Washington, DC

Are you looking for functional and supportive collaborative workstations in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC or the surrounding areas?

Teamwork is a significant aspect of many businesses. From working collectively on projects to impromptu brainstorming sessions, it is important to have team workstations available for employees to collaborate.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of supporting collaboration in the workplace and find the perfect office furniture solutions.

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Importance of Supporting Teamwork

The nature of every business varies. What remains constant in most organizations is the need to collaborate. Whether for internal trainings or strategy planning for clients, coworkers find inspiration and resolutions when working together.

It is important to provide the right furniture solutions to support collaboration and teamwork efforts. Typically, a cubicle isn’t large enough for three or more employees to comfortably meet and discuss important topics, and conference rooms are usually reserved for larger meetings.

Don’t deny your employees functional space to complete their work. Collaborative workstations don’t need an entire room, nor do they need to be elaborately designed spaces. Consider repurposing an area of the office with team workstations and office furniture for group work. Your team will thank you!

Selecting the Right Workstation Systems

Just as the nature of business varies, so does the size and structure of every company. That doesn’t change the need to provide team workstations.

Take a look at your individual business needs and consider what style of workstations would be best:

  • Open Spaces: If your office permits, consider placing team computer desks and tables in a completely open area. This is perfect when walls aren’t needed for privacy. Open spaces can be as simple as placing a collaborative table and chairs in unoccupied space in the office!
  • Closed Spaces: Need more privacy and have a room to spare? Transform any of your vacant spaces into a collaboration room! Outfit the area with white boards and projectors, giving your team the ability to have spontaneous meetings and team projects.
  • Cubicle Systems: Finding common ground between the needs of open and closed spaces leads to collaborative cubicle systems. Designed with the same functionality of individual cubicles, a collaborative space is simply larger to accommodate more people. These are commonly found at universities where students complete group work in team cubicles with low walls.

We hand select all of our manufacturers, allowing us to deliver some of the best collaborative workstations Virginia has to offer. Whether your office has a traditional or modern style, our design team can find the perfect office furniture solutions!

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