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Organize & Protect Your Information with Office Filing Cabinets
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Is your office as organized as it should be? Are your files in order and safely stowed away?

Many businesses still use paper documents and files, which can easily become unwieldy. The right office filing cabinets can provide much needed organization and security to your Virginia, Maryland, or DC business.

If you answered no to either of the questions above, keep reading to learn more about the types of office file cabinets available, and which ones might be right for your office.

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Why Your Office Still Needs Filing Cabinets

While the majority of business materials and resources are going digital, physical paper hasn’t been eradicated from the office environment. Especially in fields like healthcare, filing cabinets are still a staple in many offices.

To Backup Information

Important documents, including employee and tax records are often maintained as paper copies. In addition, technology can be temperamental; computers crash and internet connections get lost. As a result, many businesses, particularly small businesses, prefer to at least have paper copies of valuable documents.

To Organize an Office

Using filing cabinets helps keep an office free of loose papers that can contribute to a cluttered, stressful feeling. Having a system in which documents have a place and are out of both employees’ and customers’ sight can encourage positive perceptions of the business.

For Additional Security

File cabinets protect documents from prying eyes and disasters. Most file cabinets are lockable, so valuable papers can be protected against theft or unauthorized viewing. Employers can control who has access to files by offering keys or combinations only to those they deem appropriate.

Office filing cabinets can also help preserve documents in case of a disaster, such as flooding or fire. There are options that feature strong construction, or are fireproof for exactly this purpose. FireKing filing cabinets are fireproof up to 1700 degrees F, and Schwab filing cabinets offer models that are both fireproof and water resistant, so your valuable information will go unharmed in case of emergency.

Filing Cabinet Options

All-Business Systems and Design is proud to be a dealer for several top filing cabinet manufacturers, including FireKing, Schwab Files, and Phoenix Safe International. We have filing cabinet options to suit any office, regardless of decor, organization, or security needed. You can also find solutions to your office shelving and cabinet needs with us.


Though they are typically made of metal, such as steel, filing cabinets are now available in a range of color options, including black, gray and tan, so it’s easier to match your office decor.

For more traditional offices, filing cabinets made of wood are available to blend with your current office design. These file cabinets are more sophisticated looking than their metal counterparts, but might not be as durable.

File Orientation

Filing cabinets can be structured in a vertical or lateral manner. This can help with organization and ensure accessibility for employees.

Lock Types

Filing cabinets now feature more advanced locks to reduce the chance of documents being stolen or accessed inappropriately. Locks can be simple and use a key, or they can be combination locks. There are also models with digital and fingerprint locks for more complex security. Some products, including those from Schwab, have two different lock types for ultimate document protection.

Phoenix Filing Cabinets

Phoenix Safe International is a premier manufacturer of fireproof office filing cabinets. The company has been in the business of protecting important belongings and information for over 200 years, and offers more than 2,000 products available for quick shipping. There are customizable options to make sure your business gets the filing solution it needs.

Phoenix filing cabinets are also water resistant and boast a Free-After-a-Fire Replacement Warranty. If your product gets damaged in a fire, the company will provide a replacement at no cost.

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