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Space Planning & Design

A Real Asset. Space management and office design is a high priority in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. To assure the most effective use of this valuable resource, our sales consultants focus first and foremost on identifying your traffic patterns, workflow, productivity, and of course comfort. Reinforced by an on-site needs analysis as well as computer aided drawings, we seek to develop the optimum solution for the best use of your office space.

Progress. From the redesign of a small area within your operation to the layout of an entirely new floor plan, our office interior design staff strives to help you create an office environment that will work for you now and on into the future.

Collaboration.  Our staff is experienced in collaborating with your own building architects and interior designers to help ensure your facility is the best it can be for your needs.

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Installation, Reconfiguration & Disposal

At All-Business Systems & Design we understand that promptness and accuracy of delivery and installation of your office furniture is crucial to keeping you focused on and moving towards your own goals.

Do it, do it right. Our factory trained installation team aims to prevent delays and disruptions in your progress. Whether delivering a single desk, assembling an entire building with systems furniture, or erecting a high-density mobile filing system, our team maintains pride in their professional abilities, reliability and workmanship. Our motto is “Do it, do it right”.

Seamless Operation. During deliveries, installation and removal, our service team works closely with all the other trades involved and with our own office space planners to ensure a seamless operation with as little disruption to your business as possible. Our flexibility is such that if necessary we can schedule all work to be performed after normal business hours or during weekends when it would be less of an interruption to your day-to-day business.

Ready and Available. Our skillful and knowledgeable installation team is capable of working with any office furniture manufacturer’s products. We can dismantle, reconfigure, reinstall or simply remove and dispose of your existing furniture.

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Office Furniture System Leasing

There are many reasons companies choose to lease instead of purchase.  Large companies may seek the tax incentives; whereas a small company may need to conserve working capital.  When deciding whether or not to lease companies consider the following leasing benefits:

Conservation of Working Capital.  Purchasing office furniture or equipment can require a large cash outlay.  Many companies lease to conserve capital. Money may be better spent for other day-to-day needs to keep the business successful.

Flexibility.  Leases can be structured to meet the varied needs and financial goals of your business.  Leasing can offer deferred payments, step plans, seasonal payments, no money down, etc.

Tax Benefits.  Section 179 of the IRS code allows significant tax savings.  Often, a monthly lease payment can be deducted as an operating expense since it is treated as a rental rather than a loan.

Additional Credit Lines.  Lease approvals for office furniture or equipment can establish an additional line of credit that does not affect your bank lines.  You can lease just about anything needed to run your business.

Preserve Cash Flow.  Profits generated from the use of your new office furniture or equipment is greater than the lease payments.  This additional cash can be used for other needs of the business.

Easier Than Bank Loans.  Lines of credit can be established in a matter of hours with minimal information and no collateral. Leasing is convenient, quick, and easy.  No long form.  100% financing.

Fixed Payments.  Many financing transitions have floating interest rates.  Lease financing offers fixed payments, enabling you to budget and manage your dollars for a long time.

We welcome any lease-related questions you may have.

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